A Movie in Focus: Daisy

When I saw Michael Mann’s The Heat, I always thought of writing a movie with cool-bad dude, beautiful babe, and a cop gone mad. I will start the story with a beautiful scenery- flowers bloom, river flows quietly, and a beautiful lady riding in a bicycle. She would be the central character- the most beautiful with long silky hair, rose-red lips, soulful eyes, and she got a work (a cook or a painter maybe).

Then, her beauty and loveliness will capture the heart of an assassin- cold blooded killer with rough personality but gentle on women. He wanted to be near her but because of his secret identity, he will just love her behind closed doors.  But one day he will make a mistake – he will be weakened by love and force himself near her. Possibly, he will send her flowers or notes or love letters maybe in strange ways.

Afterward, the lady will wonder who’s this mysterious guy and she will fall in love with his romantic tricks. She thought that the guy would be the cop who always goes to her workplace. The cop will take advantages of her feelings and will use her to get to the assassin. The lady will soon discover that the cop is not the Mr. Right and the Mr. Right is not righteous at all.

The story will end with the face/off between the cop and the assassin. Their fate will bring them together but this lovely lady will bring confusion to their hearts and minds. The lady will die with a bullet on her head but I’m not sure whose bullet it would be.

Guess what, this story has been done already in a Korean film Daisy. It was exactly (most part of it) as I imagined. It started with a beautiful felling of love and ends drastically. The lady was young painter played by the most gorgeous actress in the whole wide world Jun Ji-hyun (My Sassy Girl).  The hitman was stunningly portrayed by Jung Woo Sung (The Good, The Bad, and The Weird) and the confused cop by Lee Sung Jae (Bingwoo).

Jun Ji-hyun owned my whole attention as soon as she ride in a bicycle. She has this magic in her face that will capture your senses and she will move you closer to her character’s emotion.  Jung Woo Sung, on the other hand, has no troubles shooting anybody in the film (doesn’t really matter if it’s a good or the bad guys). They played their characters so well that I cried at the end of the story.

Daisy was directed by Andrew Lau and entirely filmed in the majestic Amsterdam. Which I think a genius idea, I mean there’s no perfect place to be with this kind of story.  It can only be somewhere in Europe.

So, I think I will just give up this idea of writing movies because I know somewhere out there somebody already got my story. It’s just a matter of “who’s first”. Just watch! Definitely, one of the best movies ever made!

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