Moved to WP-Mobile, delivering mobile version now :P

Previously I used WP-Touch to serve the mobile version of the blog. But with the recent plug-in update I found out that it had some incompatibilities with W3C Total Cache. And to add that I can’t add advertising codes (except AdSense) unless I PHP-code it. After a heck of following the instruction to make it work with the cache, I finally quit and search for a new plug-in.

After a couple of research I decided to install WP Mobile Pack, it’s far better and customisable than the former. It has a built-in mobile analytics to determine mobile and desktop visits, and an external analytics provider dashboard for PercentMobile.

The beauty with this plug-in is it has an integrated connection to mpexo, an online directory of mobile blog sites. I have signed up for this (currently beta) and hope I get listed and have readers soon.

Now I’m comfy about the change, I can now view my blog on Opera Mini and Nokia built-in browser. Plus, I’m serving mobile ads 😀

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