Missing someone? I do.. miss Milady

See you at the park my lady.

In this world of lies and misconception, there’s only one person that I trust – my lady. I think it’s one of life’s undeniable facts that man needs a woman. Man exists for his woman:  Adam has Eve, John needs Yoko, Paris wants Helen, Romeo loves Juliet, Jack died for Rose. (I’m sorry I got no example for the third sex).

Their passion and devotion to each other were expressed in various ways.  Adam covered the body of Eve with leaves (?) when they find out that they were both naked and he plow the land for their food.  Troy, on the other hand, was destroyed because Paris won’t give up his love to already married Queen Helen (adultery with passion). Love also plays tricks like what happened to Romeo and Juliet, both committed suicide for life is incomplete without the other. Love conquers disaster like Jack sunk with Titanic to save his lovely Rose. While, John Lennon expressed his undying love to Yoko Ono in his lyrics:

Woman I know you understand
The little child inside the man,
Please remember my life is in your hands,
And woman hold me close to your heart,
However, distant don’t keep us apart,
After all it is written in the stars,

Woman please let me explain,
I never mean(t) to cause you sorrow or pain,
So let me tell you again and again and again,
I love you (yeah, yeah) now and forever…

It’s dramatic, isn’t? John artistically wrote the song of his heart. Well, today is my lady’s birthday and this is my poor attempt to let her know how much I miss her. This one’s for you, my lovely Syil;

Simply Missing You

I miss you.

Like the sunrise in the Winter night,
I mourn behind the dark light,
Your absence deadened my sight.

I miss you.

Like divine dews in Summers’ dawn,
Where flowers and bees in sweet tune,
Is this death (?)
I’m so alone.

I miss you.

Like the only true emotion,
Why there is a limitation,
In our shadows of perfection (?)

I miss you.

Like laughter behind eyes’ sorrow,
I’m sick of love songs and mellow,
They remind me of your pillow.

I miss you.

Like the sweet Autumnal season,
When leaves fall without reason,
And you’re my last white passion.

I miss you.

Like the magical scent of Spring,
Where everyone stops in wishing,
It was you that I’ve been longing.

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