Best method to delete Facebook posts, comments, and activities


Is your Facebook timeline full of unwanted feeds like Texas HoldEm Poker and old Status updates? Yes, you can delete it, but its very tedious. The simplest way to delete such clutter is by the use of a script called Facebook Timeline Cleaner.

Facebook Timeline Cleaner works by automating the deleting and hiding of your Facebook Activities found in the Activity Log. The recent version, 0.40, works like a charm. You can choose “Delete”, “Hide”, or “Unlike” options.

timeline cleaner

The Facebook Timeline Cleaner script works under GreaseMonkey, which I will show how to install below:

1. Download GreaseMonkey Firefox addon

2. Download Facebook Timeline Cleaner script

Just accept the prompts, and go to your Facebook Activity Log (Timeline > Activity Log). On the left you will see the “Clear Timeline” tab, and select what operation you want to do.

Please note that you must leave the page open, don’t navigate away because it is the only location that the cleaner script will perform its function. You may want to open a separate window if you want to use Facebook.

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