My mentor’s “Letter of dismay” to Bacolod computer stores

Always remember to log-out of your electronic accounts, whether its a social networking account at Facebook, online banking account at BDO, and always clear your computer history.

Times like these, online criminals can do and will do everything just to have a peek on your digital information. It would be OK if you don’t store sensitive data on your computer. But what if you do? Will you know that you are already being monitored by the hacker’s prying eyes?

Just today as I opened my Facebook account, I see one of my friend’s post, a mentor at a nursing school, talking about how a computer shop here at Bacolod city deliberately intruded her privacy. The perpetrator allegedly opened her Facebook account, read most of her messages, and left some tell-tale signs of ransack to her computer. As I quote:

A letter of dismay!
by Red Butterfly on Sunday, October 23, 2011 at 12:56am

Friends, im sharing this personal letter which i sent to a person who used my laptop (which btw i deposited for repair) and opened/browsed my FB..lesson learned the hard way…Unfortunately, i was not able to disable my password before i surrendered it for repair.

Mr. Minotaur,

i am the owner of the laptop that you where using a few days ago..i find it very rude that you deliberately opened my Facebook account…I was able to redeem my unit this evening and to my dismay, i realized that i have a lot of messages that have been opened before i could personally read them..

I am also wondering why YOU an employee of computer shop X had any access to my unit (laptop) when in fact i had it deposited at computer shop Y where I purchased the said unit (they are not connected with your shop)…since it is still under warranty.

I do not know your company’s policy regarding breech of confidentiality of your customers…but your deliberate action of intruding my privacy is definitely offensive and needs to be addressed properly..
I can imagine that you might find it amusing to be browsing among my personal files and messages…but i can assure you that it is least amusing on my part…I guess you might have been entertained.

As i am sending this message to you…i am also sending this to all my friends in FB for which some are friends and relatives of the owners/managers of the 2 computer companies involved…Let this be a lesson that to them and probably a reminder for them to be more careful because some people do not know the word RESPECT!

P.S. Just a word of advise…which i learned from my computer teacher18 years ago…” Pls log out before you turn off the computer”…

Red Butterfly
Bacolod city

With these events, we can’t turn back time. What we can do out of this consequence: Always be mindful about our digital lives. Even if we are in a hurry, always remember to clear the internet history. Always log out from online websites especially if it is all about internet banking. There are software’s that you can use for free to assist you with the clearing of your internet activities. One of them is CCleaner, which can be download at the CCleaner website . Just install the program, and run it whenever you want to clean your computer from your electronic tracks.

Do you have the same experiences with these Bacolod computer stores?

*Names of people and the computer store modified for privacy

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