Melasma Treatment: Best Natural Remedies and Treatments for Melasma Cure

Melasma Treatment
Melasma is a type of skin disorder in which brown patches appear on the skin mostly on the face. Women often get melasma or chloasma during pregnancy or sometimes while taking birth control pills. Some of the main causes of this problem are hormonal imbalances, pregnancy, excessive exposure to sun rays and regular intake of birth control pills. Chloasma in pregnancy occurs mainly due to hormonal changes. To get rid of melasma and other facial dark spots, you actually have a safer choice – and that is going for the natural way. By employing the natural remedies discussed below, you can effectively and naturally treat melasma without having to wait many months.

The patch of skin affected by melasma appears much darker than the surrounding area. We can say that melasma affects the skin like an age spot with brown pigmentation. However, melasma discolorations are large in size and brown in color that start appearing on the face, cheeks, around the eyes, on the forehead, and above the lip. melasma or chloasma tends to turn dark when exposed to the sun.
How to Get Rid Of Melasma: Natural Remedies and Treatments for Melasma
Sometimes melasma will fade on its own, after reducing sun exposure, giving birth or stopping the use of hormones and certain medications. However, there are treatments, which can help you get rid of melasma successfully. Chemical and light based treatments for melasma are very effective in reducing this skin condition. Many cases of melasma and hyperpigmentation will improve overtime with regular use of a topical skin lightener and exfoliator. However, there are natural treatments, which can help you get rid of melasma. Melasma treatment using natural remedies remove brown patches in a natural way and facilitate healing and renewing of skin and also help in making the skin look brighter. Best of all, these melasma treatments will not cause further damage to your skin and are effective and very affordable. Here are some natural treatments to cure melasma brown patches and brown spots.

Apple Cider Vinegar Treatment for Melasma
Apple cider vinegar is considered to be the best treatment for melasma. To use it, you should mix 2 teaspoons of apple cider vinegar with an equal amount of water and apply this mixture to the brown spots of melasma. After some time, wash away the vinegar solution. This natural treatment works effectively in removing melasma brown splotchiness on the forehead, cheeks, upper lip, and jaw line.

Melasma Treatment Using Aloe Vera
Aloe vera is also one of the best natural melasma treatments. Apply the aloe vera gel to the affected areas and massage in circular motions for 15 minutes and leave on overnight. Aloe vera contains a potent substance called mucilaginous polysaccharide (MPS), which is quite effective in lightening the brown spots and other discolorations and making them to completely disappear within a few days. If you cannot get aloe vera plant, you can use aloe vera juice available in health stores.

Lemon Juice Treatment for Melasma
One melasma treatment option is using the lemon juice that will help get rid of melasma or chloasma. With your finger or a cotton ball, apply fresh lemon juice on the skin discoloration and leave it overnight. This natural melasma treatment will lighten the dark patches around the mouth, apples of the cheeks, forehead, and other areas that are affected by melasma. Lemon juice is highly acidic and exfoliates the outer layer of the skin to reduce the signs of melasma. You can apply lemon juice prior to applying any of the melasma remedies mentioned here.

Oatmeal Treatment for Melasma
Rub an oatmeal-and-milk mixture of  the brown spots every day. Oatmeal is a natural skin-exfoliating substance, which can lighten skin discolorations such as chloasma during pregnancy, also known as the mask of pregnancy. Take some raw oatmeal and mix it in about half a cup of milk, and rub this mixture all over your face and leave on for about 30 minutes. Rinse it off with warm water and pat dry with a clean towel.

Melasma Treatment Using Turmeric
Turmeric is quite well known as an all-natural pigmentation remover. Turmeric is very effective in treating melasma. Mix 5 to 6 tablespoons of turmeric powder to 10 tablespoons of milk and create a paste. Apply this natural dark spot corrector to your skin and leave it for 10 minutes. Turmeric stops excessive production of melanin, which helps to reduce those brown spots.

Onion Juice Remedy for Melasma Treatment
Onion juice is yet another best melasma natural treatment that can work wonders to remove the unsightly darkening of the skin. You can extract the juice from an onion using a grater, a blender, or a juicer. Mix with equal part apple cider vinegar, apply twice daily with a cotton ball and watch for results over the next several weeks.

Horseradish for Treating Melasma Naturally
Horseradish is another best natural treatment for melasma. Apply horseradish root to the skin to bleach skin discolorations and age spots. Repeat once a week until your skin begins to peel off. The new skin underneath should be lighter. Applying horseradish juice mixed with warm milk can also help reduce dark spots on skin.

Ripe Banana Treatment for Melasma Cure
The mask of pregnancy or melasma can also be treated with the help of ripe bananas. To reduce melasma, peel and mash ripe banana and apply over the brown spots on face and leave for 10 to 15 minutes, rub gently before rinsing. This melasma cure remedy will help in lightening the dark patches while also giving a glow to the skin.

Melasma Treatment Using Cucumber Juice
Cucumber juice treatment is another of the best natural home remedy for melasma cure. Apply cucumber juice on the affected areas regularly to get rid of melasma. You can also add lime juice to grated cucumber and make a fine paste and apply directly into your face to lighten dark pigments of melasma or chloasma.

Keep Your Body Hydrated to Get Rid of Melasma
Keeping the body hydrated is one of the primary ways to have healthy, glowing skin. It lessens the appearance of melasma as well as help remove toxins from your body that can promote melasma. Drink lots of water. When your skin tissues are hydrated, they function properly and a lot of skin problems including melasma resolve on their own.

Diet for the Treatment of Melasma
Folate or folic acid deficiency can be the cause of melasma, so eating foods high in folate will help. Low levels of these B vitamins are found in women who are pregnant, on birth control, or having an inadequate diet. Citrus fruits, nuts, green leafy vegetables and whole grains are the foods high in folate. You can easily get rid of melasma and other dark spots in your skin by reducing copper in your diet and supplementing with zinc, MSM, and vitamin C. Both Zinc and Vitamin C help lower copper levels, while MSM increases the permeability of cells allowing the copper to easily move out of the body as waste. Vitamin C actively reduces the production of melanin and that means lighter dark patches.

Natural treatment is an inexpensive way to cure dark discoloration of melasma. So make full advantage of these natural melasma treatments to remove dark spots and patches with the use of simple things that are easily available at your home.

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