Marketing and make money on mobile phone is the next big thing

The mobile marketing industry is young. Its revolutionary. Several companies are investing on this market and got good results. It’s simply an income tool at your fingertips. Learn how to promote products on mobile phones!

Making money online using a cellphone is the best thing to do. Mobile internet has a lot of subscriber and if you own a site its a must to have a mobile version. Just like my word press blog you can set them to mobile view using plug-ins such as WP-mobile, and in turn you can serve advertisements such as AdSense Mobile, Admob, Inmobi and Buzzcity to mention a few.

More people are using mobile internet because its more private and can just bring whenever they want to. No wonder Google, the founder of AdSense (the best advertising and publishing company for computers) have merger with Admob (an advertising and publishing company for mobile phones) and dominated the entire ecosystem of advertising!

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