Manhattan Parking

Finding available parking space down the Manhattan can be annoying and time-consuming. You can get luck in finding a space, but you end up with unclear signs and faulty meters and pay classy parking fees. You’ll also realize, you parked in the middle of nowhere, and your point of destination is five blocks away!

Most New Yorkers now depend on parking garages. Although it costs higher than a regular parking space on the street, it can save you from much worry when you are in a hurry.

As quoted from a 2009 Manhattan parking garage directory, there are as many as 103,000 off-street parking spaces in Manhattan. Manhattan parking spaces ranges from tiny (at least 7 spaces) to the gigantic (up to 3,500 spaces) parking lots.

These pointers can help you in selecting a good parking space in Manhattan:

Picking a Garage. Look for garages with multiple facilities. You can get quality service and discounts if you are a regular customer with them.

Finding a Fair Rate. There are daily, weekly, and monthly rates for certain Manhattan parking lots. You can save if you try negotiating with the rates on how long you intend to park your car.

Avoiding Extra Charges. It’s a must for every car owner to read signage and other fine print before leaving the car. You can avoid scams and other fees if you have clarified the parking contract with the garage owner.

Tipping. If there is a garage valet, you ought to tip him or her the moment you leave your car. This can emanate goodwill so you don’t have to worry that the valet will bump your car or handle it inappropriately.

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