Make money by sharing your ideas online

Blogging not only attracts readers and fans, but it also turns your posts into money – whether its a useful tutorial, a rant page, or a lengthy out of this world discussion. But of course to really earn both readership and some revenue, you must do some of the blogging basics.

You must first know that blogging is not as easy as eating a pancake. One needs diligence in writing informative stuffs. Most newbie blogger blindly think that blogging is so easy – just as what i used to. Blogging is really an innate talent, if not learned.

Choosing a niche for your blog is very easy. Just ask yourself, what area or discipline are you comfortable discussing with? If you choose such, will it serve the readers needs?

To be able to achieve success in blogging, one must have a connection with the reader. You can’t just post an article and expect that it would be instantly a hit to the masses, unless your are already known pre-blog. But this does not mean you should stop blogging now. Just pursue and sooner or later you will get the attention you deserve. Most blog sites also experienced this, and because of their perseverance they are still up and running and well, earning too.

The rule of thumb is this – content first before monetization. One can’t just set up a blog site and think all day long about how and when will they earn. It will just depress them if they can’t meet their self expectations. Moreover, content without promotion is nothing. This simply means that whether you publish poor or high quality articles, you would need some sort of promotion so you could gain exposure and readership. In the long run, monetization follows. Example of promoting your blog and its content is through social networks like Tweeter, Facebook, and submitting your site in search engines like Bing and Google.

With this, I’m sure you’ll be an expert blogger someday. 🙂

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