Loving Someone at the Wrong Time!

Naalala mo ba yung kanta na “Somewhere Down the Road?” na pinasikat ni Amy Grant, at sa mapa-hanggang ngayon eto ay kinakanta parin ng mga sikat nating singers kagaya ni NINA, REGINE V. at kung sinu sinu pa. Maganda kasi yung kanta, and syempre one of my fav. songs! Halika samahan mo ko, kanta tayu 🙂

“We have the right love at the wrong time.”

Ganito yan eh, TIMING IS EVERYTHING. And that also speaks the truth when it comes to loving someone. It’s not always the case that a love relationship will exist or can be worked out when love is real, time element must also be considered. (db?)

“I guess I always knew inside, I wouldn’t have you for a long time.”

While one can always love, hope, and have faith, dapat din na handa siyang magsakripisyo at tanggapin ang magiging result or outcome ng desisyon niya no matter what. Acceptance of a loss is not merely a defeat itself; it is just a process of gaining wisdom in life. (nabasa ko nun sa isang book, forgot the author sorry po )

“Those dreams of yours are shining on distant shores and if they are calling you away I don’t have right to make you stay.”

Sabi nila if you love someone, you should learn to let him go. How ironic it can get to a certain point of view. Masakit talaga pag pinaglaruan ka ng tadhana. How can you let go of someone you’re still so much in love with? I guess great understanding and selflessness is the key to such love – an unconditional love. It’s when you finally learn to say, “I want you to be happy.” without considering your own. (tama?)

As what the song goes

“But somewhere down theroad our roads are gonna cross again it doesn’t really matter when. Somewhere down the road I know that heart of yours will come to see that you belong with me.”

Minsan sa life, ang pagdedesisyon (teka ang laswa basahin pagdede tsk! excuse me po hehe) sa buhay minsan ang desisyon natin of letting someone go actually doesn’t end up right there. It turns out to be just a test of time. Isang pagsubok and sooner or later, without further anticipation, your paths will cross again. Papano naman kung hindi na? Then again, one could only hope for it to happen or much better -just have faith! ika nga nila.

So,anu nga ba ang difference of hoping and having faith?

When you are hoping, it doesn’t always necessarily include faith. But when you are having faith, you are actually hoping at the same time. Faith is a strong belief of the existence of an unforeseen object or a person or the occurrence of an unforeseen event. (thanks Google 😀 )

“Sometimes goodbyes are not forever. It doesn’t matter if you’re gone. I’ll still believe in us together.”

Sometimes having faith is just as hard as letting go. Often, we get down and lose hope. And instead of being positive, we put our focus on the pain yung sakit na naramdaman natin dahil sa desisyon nating palayain ang mahal natin. But if we could only realize and see that what we have done could have possibly planted a “seed of love” in the other person’s heart, having faith wouldn’t be too difficult. We can then believe that love never really fails after all.

“I understand more then you think I can. You have to go out on your own so you can find your way back home.”

True, love conquers all. Naniniwala ako sa kasabihan na itoh, It conquers us. They say that if you were really meant for each other you will end up with each other. Pero ang hindi nila alam that it actually lies in a mystery – we don’t choose to love or be loved, love chooses us. A little time is all we need. The “seed of love” that we have left wouldn’t suddenly sprang-up into a tree. It’s nurtured through time. And when the right time comes, it will return to you in a manner you wouldn’t have imagined.

“ Letting go is just another way to say I’ll always love you so. We have the right love at the wrong time. Maybe we’ve only just begun. Maybe the best is yet to come.”

There was a saying that goes, “The fastest way to receive love is to give love. The fastest way to lose love is to hold it too tightly. In addition to these, the best way to keep love is to give it wings.” Letting go is not always easy. In fact pwede ka niyang pag pira-pirasuhin, it can break you and cause you a lot of pain. Pero hindi ibig sabihin na ito na ang katapusan ng lahat. Ito rin ang simula ng isang uri ng pagmamahal, a love that time alone can understand.

We cant beg someone to stay if they want to leave and be with someone else, we have to admit that love doesnt give us the license to own aperson. THIS WHAT LOVE MEANS SACRIFICE!!!
….naalala ko lang…hays :’(

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