Love over Reason

There are times when our emotions rage a war of confusion against our own judgment. Eto yung PUSO natin ay nagsisimulang malito oh makipaglaban sa kung anu man ang sinasabi ng ating ISIP kaya minsan nagkakaroon tayu ng pagkalito, a dilemma of battling with what our mind tells us to do. Sometimes it is not only a matter of choice but a question of what is right and what is wrong. (alam ko isa ka sa mga nakakaranas nito)

Pag ang PUSO ang nasunod, age or status matter the least. (tama?)

Sometimes we can only make others happy at the expense of our own happiness. Gagawa tayu ng isang bagay na alam nating tama kahit na alam nating masakit. Pero tandaan mo, if someone truly loved you, dapat maiintindihan ka niya.

I have always believed that there is a season and a time for everything. MInsan me nawawala nalang, me nangiiwan, me dumarating at minsan me nangaagaw (hehehe) You may have lost something that you wanted so badly but that doesn’t mean that you will never have a chance to find it again. Losing love is always painful pero natututo tayu. Pain teaches us to be strong and misery shows us that there can be joy in being alone. (tama?) Happiness and love start from within us.

They are things we should not ask others to give us but parts of us we have to share willingly and unselfishly. The true essence of love is not in getting what we want but in giving what we need to make others happy…

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