Too much LOVE

Normal lang naman yung makaramdam tayu ng takot, yung takot na mawala yung taong mahal natin, at yung mga taong nagmamahal sa atin. I believe that it is this fear which constantly reminds us of our responsibility to contribute to the wellness of our relationships. At minsan we become so comfortable with our partners to the point of taking them for granted. Without the fear of losing them, tayu din ang nagiging dahilan para masira ang isang relasyon.

However, there is the downside of letting this fear go beyond the bounds of reason. Paranoid, or mistrust isa lamang sa mga poison na maaring makasira ng isang healthy relationships. By letting this fear take over our mind and create pictures of infidelity, we are pushing the limit of our protectiveness to a level that becomes uncomfortable for our partners. Outrageous feats of jealousy (karamihan babae) that go beyond sensibility can become very annoying and destructive as well.

Love alone cannot guarantee forever. Kelangan mo ring magtiwala. And you have to be complete to do that. Sa pagmamahal, two halves do not make a whole. Only two complete individuals can make a whole. (pls remember that)

You have to resist the temptation of mistrust and jealousy na dahang dahang nakakasira ng isang magandang relasyon. Trust and respect are very important. And even if one fails in giving these, the other should be ready to compensate and forgive. ( dito tayu minsan bumabagsak)

This is the cycle of love—hurting, forgiving and starting again. Every time we go through this we become stronger persons. We become more equipped to face the challenges in our relationships.

There are a lot of times when our feelings don’t think. When our emotions get too strong, we should stop for a while and let reason guide our actions.

Don’t let your imagination go beyond what your eyes can see. Fear not that you will lose his/her love but fear that you might be the one to push him out of love.

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