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Last day, my friend Gee was asking how she could learn how to operate a Windows 98 environment without bugging her Windows 7 desktop. She was asked by her computer science professor to learn the basics of Windows 98, like where to find the network connections or the command prompt. It was of course difficult for her as Windows 98 is rarely used now and the environment itself is very different from the later Windows builds. I handed her a Windows 98 installer, but she refused as she don’t want to meddle her perfect computer. Tripping back to memory lane, I remembered about those self help pages on the web. I quickly ran over and made a list so she could refer at them instead.

Total Emulator. It offers emulation of Microsoft Windows Operating System and simulation of applications that are related to the operation of internet. The emulated OSes are Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows 2000, Windows ME, and Windows 98. The supplemental programs include various Web browsers, Email clients, Antivirus and Firewall. It also has an extensive set of network utilities such as URL to IP, Ping, Trace, Whois and DNS Lookup. They also maintain a list of websites related to software emulation, utilities and downloads.

Click2try. Offers virtualized software for Linux environment. It uses the state-of-the-art virtualization technologies for the evaluation software so you could try a fully functional software application on its own private virtual machine, without altering your current system. It has a short download period and virtually no installation hassles. This is perfect for Linux support out there.

ChasM. For 13 solid years, they offer the technical community with all the latest screen shots and walkthroughs related to the Internet and various software, including Windows OSes, Macintosh, Linux, Email clients, Browsers, Security, Networking, Handheld devices, Game Consoles, File transfer clients, How-tos, and other helpful links. They also maintain a Game section for those who have downtime.

Vistualise. A tutorial website for Windows Vista Operating System.

Microsoft Answers. The ultimate resource for Microsoft products.

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