Linea Pelle – because it’s a woman’s thing.

Linea Pelle – because it’s a woman’s thing.

Linea Pelle Collections was conceived 23 years ago and became internationally well-known for its superior designer belts and leather bags. These luxurious leather items are hand crafted from washed Italian leather and carefully added with a distinctive workmanship and embellishments for a balance of strength and unsurpassed quality, reflecting a close attention to style and functionality of every Linea Pelle product.

Linea Pelle Collections are high quality leather goods ranging from designer belts to leather handbags to bracelets, which is truly an ideal fashion accessory for one’s wardrobe. Known within the fashion circles of Hollywood and trend setters, it has been successful in fusing contemporary and vintage fashion into its ever famous products. With its worldwide reception, one can never doubt about the quality and joy brought by Linea Pelle to a woman.

Linea Pelle Collections in a class of its own:
• Handbags
• Women’s Belts
• Leather Wallets
• Accessories

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