Just met Mr. Scrooge…

T’was a silly experience with a client whom I fixed the computer. He was so meticulous when it comes to repairing his old computer. I don’t know if it was just me :p

He was actually a loyal client and he always asks for home repair service whenever his computer was broken. Just today, he complained that his PC was wrecked and need a quick fix. He wanted Windows XP on his device so bad ‘coz the Windows 7 I installed a month ago was keeping on presenting him a “Blue Screen of Death” or BSOD for short. Actually I’m installing him a 30-day trial copy of the Windows Operating System, due to the fact that he does not own a valid, genuine license and neither do I. And even if I had one, I wouldn’t give it as it is strictly 1 computer : 1 valid license agreement with Microsoft and it is a paid license.

And because he was too old for the techie things, I would just joke him that his computer needs replacement as it was already a pre-historic computing machine hehe. The fact that I could not win his approval, I have no choice but to endlessly and routinely do the same thing one month after another. It was an overkill for me, and he don’t pay me what I’m worth of either.

So for today’s menu (what a word lol) I decided to install him an Ubuntu with Macintosh theme, and its commonly known as “MacBuntu” on the world of Linux OS. And because its free, I can save my ass from the anti-piracy squads spying around (if there exists). So far he liked the interface – especially the wobbly windows and other special effects. I insisted him to use opensource programs, because its just as good as with the software available in Windows OS or in Mac OS. He just nod and nod, and as usual handed me a sum just enough to have my way going back home and sorts of promises that if only had I brought a voice recorder I could just play back and sync with his lips. lol.

Just an update: Mr. Scrooge texted me that he now disliked the 11-hour computer software installation I made. He’s now again urging me to revert to Windows XP and all the threats and bangs just to cover up things and have his way. Oh, what a day. See him next time!

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