Jingling Beta 5 / Traffic Spirit 5

Jingling Beta 5 / Traffic Spirit 5 The Complete Guide


Running Status: It shows status divided into normal,limit,failure.Pls click Fix button to check what’s wrong if status’s not normal,then solve the problem.

Running Mode: It’s divided into Traffic Mode and Integral Mode.User can get traffic in Traffic Mode,points in Integral Mode. Registration user could get service with point.

Settings: It includes Auto-Run,Show Tray Icon,UI hide/Show Shortcut,Auto shutdown functions etc.

Number: It’s unique number allocated by software after added every site.Pls provide the number to query the status when contacting with customer service.You could click Number to paste site to clipboard.

My Site: By default,software will visit sub-page at random after added sites to need traffic.User could click the site to change setting.

Time(min): It’s total time Spirit spent on site every day,fox example:daily traffic is 100 IP,time 2 min for every IP,then total time is 200 min.

Today Traffic: It’s two group of data,the former shows traffic has bee used for site,the later shows traffic to be needed today.It takes IP as unit.

Status: It’s two group of data,the former shows proportion of successful visit on My Site,the later shows time to open My Site.

Site Control: It shows status of site being online,Online,Stop/Start and Del.It will get traffic when site being online.

Set/Export: You can change all kinds of setting for site and export,also load the setting into testing tool to check if it’s right.

Available Visit Time(min): It’s allocated as per PC configuration(CPU and Memory). It will be consumed when adding sites.

Number of Sites: It’s addible.Number will be same in every software.

Add Site: You can add site to need traffic in the list and make details when adding sites.


Integral Mode: Registration user could be idle on Spirit to get points,then exchange balance in order to get member service and also transferred to another account in order to trade between users.


It will allocate amount of time to user as per PC configuration(CPU and Memory) for Available Visit Time which shows total time on site in one day.

It need to consume time when every visit.So total time consumption is determined by number of visits and total visit time.

Time Consumption = Traffic × Total Visit Time

Total Visit Time is Time on Site plus Time on Subpage.
Total Visit Time = Time on Site + Time on Subpage

It will calculate time consumption as per traffic and total visit time when adding a site in the Spirit.It will consume Available Visit Time when adding a site.User can allocate Available Visit Time by flebibly setting traffic and time and get traffic they want.


Enable Mouse Match-Click: You must tick the option to enable Match-Click after finished setting.It simulates mouse to move and click.

Allow for second visit to page poped up after clicked: If it will visit subpage of target page opened at random after clicked.

Number of Match Characteristic: Addible number of match characteristics,member user could add more.

Characteristic: It includes link and title,the formers shows it would click if a link included match characteristic,the latter shows it would click if a title included match characteristic. Match characteristic is part of link or title.Member user could add more type like Flash,etc.

Proportion: It shows click probability,5% means there would be five Match-Click in the one hundred visits(100 IP traffic).Member user could set 100%,match-click for every visit.Software will find and click the link you want if you set right match characteristic.


Available Visit Time: It shows current available time remained which is used to assign for site to be added.

Time Consumption: How much consumable time it computes as per traffic and time on site.

My Site: Software randomly visit subpage of which site needs traffic by default.

Daily Traffic: It’s set how many traffic it needs for site in one day 24 hours.If time less than 24 hours,it only consumes traffic in remains.

Time On My Site: It’s independently set time on page of “My Site”.

Traffic Source: It’s set where traffic source is and what percentage of direct visit.Pls read help of Traffic Source Control for more details.

Import Setting: It’s imported site setting to realize copy of information and share experience for users.


Enable Pop-up: You must tick the option to enable Pop-up after finished setting.

Pop-up Proportion: It shows a proportion to allow webpage poped up,5% means 5 pop-ups in the hundred visits(100ip traffic).Registeration user can set 100% pop-up proportion.

Number of Pop-ups: It shows a number to allow webpage poped up at the same time when one visit.Registeration user can set more pop-ups. Allowed for second visit to page poped up:If clicked pop-up and visit subpage at random.


Enable Traffic Source: You must tick the option to enable traffic source after finished setting.

Number of Source: You could set number of traffic source.Registration user could add more.

Proportion of Direct Visit: Proportion of direct visit on my site,not used traffic source.

Source List: It shows all traffic source you set.

Type: You must enter complete site for customized source,only enter key word for other type,software will generate site automatically.

Proportion: You could set how much percent of traffic is from source.


Region Settings: The principle is to classify region and filter out region not selected based on original traffic.It will decrease traffic if used this function.How many it decrease which is dependent on range of filtered region.Be careful to use this function;


Enable Subpage Visit: You must tick the option to enable subpage visit after finished setting.

Number of subpages visit: First,it visits My site,then number of subpages,from subpage to subpage layer by layer.It impacts a proportion of IPand PV.

Time on every page: It shows time on every page,which will be accumulated into total time on site.It will consume available visit time.

Total time on subpage: It calculates total time on every page as per current number of subpage and time on subpage.

Visit subpage at random: It visits subpage of My Site at random.The option is default and used widely.

Visit all pages at random: It visits all links of My Site at random no matter subpage or external link.

Refresh current page many times: Not visit subpage,refresh My Site many times.Repetition times is determined by number of subpages.

Only visit link including: Only visit link of subpage including content you specified at random.You could export setting to test after finished.

Only visit title including: Only visit title of subpage including content you specified at random.You could export setting to test after finished.


Curve Settings: Software will release traffic based on settings in every time bucket of one day.It should be serious to do setting,because it can compress traffic.

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