Is Jesus Christ a “test tube” baby?

A few months to go, its again Christmas time.

After watching a local religious show this afternoon that’s all about the reincarnation, and the immaculate conception, a thought occurred to me. Yes, there was no doubt that Mary had conceived a child without any sexual relations with her husband, but thru the holy ghost. It’s all in the Bible and religious scholars are firm to this belief. With rumors that Jesus maybe a product of alien technology, that puzzles me, and you perhaps.

There are many talks now about the lifeforms with technologies far superior from us, and alien abductions and their experiments on humans. Is it possible that the text in the Bible all about Mary’s abduction, artificially inseminated and later give birth to Jesus?

The implication here is that some 2,000 years ago, the science of human cloning and artificial fertilization already exist and indeed perfect. Now, after 2,000 years, humans are still at battle in the perfection and legalization of human cloning and artificial insemination.

Christmas is a celebrated event for all us Christians, and a highly regarded scientific feat — the birth of the first test-tube baby.

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