Jejecraze hits the Philippines by storm

Jejemon, a pop culture existing in the Philippines three to four years ago, are anyone with a low tolerance in correct punctuation, syntax and grammar was definitely hype. Originally, these emerge from using the short messaging service, putting sense to the text as much as possible by squeezing the 160 character barrier of most mobile phones. This was also synonymous to “Jologs”, a term used to persons belonging in the lower class, on which coincidentally most youngsters of the group fall. Several organisations, particularly the Department of Education and a group called “Jeje Busters” are against them, because mainly of the “Jejenese” slang used, as more and more youths are being hooked to it bypassing the norms of a formal language. But almost with anything, they too have supporters and they are being advocated on social media like Facebook, Twitter, and even on television.

With all things still hot, a person by the name “Jejemaster” became an instant celebrity. He guests on talk shows; He endorses products, and even have his own Jejemon merchandise. The site, their web page, has an advertising selling their official t shirt, caps, and even discounted phone top ups branded as “Jejeload”. One can watch their video, and download their “Jejesong”. Oh, I’m totally messed up with this craze.

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