Japan’s 8.9 Earthquake and Tsunami – when disasters strike!

This is the worst disaster in past decade. Japan has been through everything and it’s truly a great nation of courage and determination. A nation that stands all the tests of time – natural disasters, economic and political indifferences, and war.

But just this afternoon, it took another blow for earthquake and tsunami. Hundreds are all ready reported dead (still counting) and thousands more are missing. The great structures and towering buildings had brought down to grounds literally. Economically, billions were lost.

Earthquake is the shaking of the ground brought by the sudden breaking and shifting of a large section of the Earth’s crust. And it happened in Tokyo this afternoon while I’m taking a nap in my car. I was listening to the local AM radio when the news shocked me. This is really sad. I’m deeply saddened for the loss of so many lives – kids, wives, husbands, employees, students, etc.

Tsunami had brought the sea water in Tokyo bay. I just can’t imagined the houses, cars, restaurants, commercial complex, and thousands lives washed away in an instant.

Because the ground just move underneath the sea water it’s natural for the ocean to make a sudden movement that formed a huge wave of sea water to the shore. It was so huge that it destroyed everything that stands on its path.

Truly, we must be prepared and awake if we are part of the Pacific Ring of Fire. My heart goes to all the victims as my soul prays for the fast recovery of the greatest nation in Asia – Japan.

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