How to install Polipo, a lightweight forwarding and caching web proxy server for Windows


Polipo is a lightweight forwarding and caching web proxy server that is HTTP 1.1 compliant, supports IPv4 and IPv6, with traffic filtering and privacy enhancement. It has a small memory footprint considering its huge features:

– Update clients requests to HTTP/1.1 automatically with HTTP/1.1 pipelining
– Makes browsing faster
– Cache downloads and offer resumeability via Range headers
– IPv4 and IPv6 compliant, can act as bridge between two protocols
– SOCKS4 and SOCKS5 compatible

To install:

1. Download first Acrylic DNS Proxy, and install.

2. Download Polipo (with custom config and resolv.conf). Extract to root drive as C:\etc and C:\polipo.

3. Create a Windows Shortcut: Right click > New > Shortcut > [browse C:\polipo\polipo.exe] > [name as Polipo Proxy] > click Finish.

4. Edit the Shortcut: Right click [Polipo Proxy] > Properties > Target [C:\polipo\polipo.exe -c config] > Run [minimized] > click OK.

To make it work:

1. You will need to click on the Shortcut to enable the web proxy.

2. You will need to update your browser’s proxy settings to IP PORT 8123, or if using Firefox, download the Proxy Selector add-on for easier setup.

3. If you want to minimize the proxy window to tray, use RBTray. (copy it somewhere in your C: drive and run once; you can then minimize ANY window by right-clicking their “minimize” button).

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