Cant install Google Chrome on Windows 7 fix

Have you tried to install the Google Chrome browser, either the Standalone or Web installer, and just wait for the installer to vanish to oblivion? It happened to me, and I almost exhausted my time to search for solutions online. Even the Google Chrome Official forum cant help, they just say that they are on the Windows 7 support. The original thread was dated 2/8/09, and was closed 4/23/10. There are a couple of related threads there but still I cant find any solution to run Google Chrome.

..even Rockmelt, cant be installed on my Windows 7 laptop (bad luck because its still a Google Chrome variant).

So how did I exactly managed to fix the Google Chrome browser problem?

First, I ditched Google Chrome 🙂

Rather than making pains with Google Chrome installation, I have found a better alternative, by the name of Maxthon – a modern and lightweight browser.

The browser is based on Trident, Gecko and Webkit browser engine, so most “Chrome” features are there. I clicked the Maxthon desktop icon and it appeared instantaneously, compared to Firefox 6, MSIE9, and Opera 11. It was loading webpages fast (and claims to be 200% faster than Google Chrome), and the skins can be changed. It has a lot of features added such as encrypted online storage / cloud services.

As I tinkered around the Maxthon settings, I have crossed the “Advanced Settings” tab. From there, one can enable IE9 rendering support in Retro Mode (although the option is available after you install Internet Explorer 9), and customize the User-Agent string.

Enough said, try Maxthon browser. They also have an Android-based mobile browser. Visit their and download by clicking here.

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