Inexpensive Valentines Day Gifts

Between birthdays, Christmas, anniversaries and Valentines, gifts for your loved one can get pretty pricey and frustrating. At some point he/she has everything they could possibly want or need. But here are a few inexpensive and sentimental gifts to give your valentine to show that you really care about them, even during these financial hardships, and that will be unique to them!

Personalized Dinnerware—buy any two white plates (of any size or shape that you’d like) and a sharpie marker. On the plate write your valentine a nice love letter, your favorite poem, dates of all the memorable times together, or whatever you’d like! Bake the plates in the oven for 30 minutes at 350°F—this ensures the marker’s permanence and won’t scrap off after using and washing multiple times. Now you have his and her plates that you both can use for the special dinners! You can use mugs or cups instead of plates but the idea is to have personalized dinnerware that you both can use together or apart. (Pier 1 plates $4-$7; Staples Sharpie Fine-Point $3)

Homemade Chocolate Strawberries—you can either spend $20-$40 on buying a few chocolate covered strawberries for your beau or you can make sexy ones yourself. Grab a pack (or two) of strawberries from your local produce store and some chocolate to melt down. Go home and have some fun! Melt down the chocolate and dip the strawberries in, you can color the chocolate using food dye (so buy white chocolate) to write cute messages, draw pretty hearts, or design it any way you’d like. Not only does this make it more thoughtful but it’s still just a yummy as the expensive store made kind. (Stop & Shop strawberries 2pack for $5; chocolate $2-$6)

Personalized T-shirt—so your valentine might only wear this in the confines of his/her home but it’s the thought that counts, right? Make your love a shirt! This could have a sweet message, a cute picture of the two of you, or a combination of both. You can either have this shirt made or make it yourself but either way it’s personalized and adorable! (Varies, anywhere from $7-$18)

Personalized Boxers—this goes along the same line of the t-shirt but the boxers are subtler since they are hidden under his pants until he goes to bed. It’s cute to have something he can wear to bed when you’re over! With boxers your best bet would be to keep it simple, no photos or long poems/letters. A heart or a few words on one of the sides is simple enough to be romantic. (Varies, $8-$13)

Personalized iPhone/iPad Cases—you can find them anywhere and everywhere but to get a unique and special case for your Mac product is especially rare. A photo of your favorite trip together, a love letter, or simply something unique to the two of you is a great personalized gift that they’ll be able to take with them everywhere they go.

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