In Memory of My Suicide Friend

Mayjoy committed suicide on the dawn of February 27, 2011, and the memory of her still dwells in my consciousness. She’s my most trusted friend. I can still remember how she was so concerned when I broke up with my first girlfriend.

In my moment of confusion and frustration as a teenager, I have no one to talk to but my dearest friend – Mayjoy. She’s reliable, funny, witty, and kind-hearted. But she’s gone now and there’s nothing that I or we can do about it.

I will say goodbye to her in this simple poem that I wrote after we had a great night of coffee, cappuccino, and endless talk at Frio Mixx last 2007.

A Night of Coffee and Cappuccino in Frio
(December 26, 2007)

Our skies were ashen and sober
In the night of lonesome October
Of my most immemorial year
Through caffeine, we’ve searched for laughter

Our faces smile but our hearts cry
She has seen my tears run out dry
Her dimples lighten up my sky
As the blue mystic wind went by

It’s her that I ever wished for
Before my fiend tormented shore
I lied no more – no more – no more
I loved her a thousand times before

This lone place by the street side
Frio Mixx was a dark unfathomed tide
Where both our defenses died
Of our interminable pride

I kissed her with my ghastly fate
Goodnight and goodbye were too late
A hideous throng rush on this date
It’s our love, not our malign hate

My coffee and potato fries
With her sweet cold cappuccino
We grin with our separate lies
Answering questions we don’t know

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