The importance of turning off gadgets while studying

Our immense pursuit of technology has brought great comfort to our lives. Human technology has a lot of acceptable uses but also it has bad impact in our society. In the midst of all this technological advancement, we find our young people on a great risk. They look busy on their smart phones, video games, mp3 players, portable game console, net books, and tablets everywhere instead of putting more attention in their academic performance.

It doesn’t take a genius to conclude that these modern gadgets have negative effects on people’s ability to study. That’s why I think it would be important for them to turn off their gadgets while studying because of the following reasons:

1. Interference

Studies revealed that excessive use of cell phone is extremely destructive to our mental health. These wireless small size gadgets create restlessness, disturbance, and constant distraction. So, using your cell phone while studying do not really help. You may lose your focus and fail your term examinations.

2. Eyestrain

Spending an excessive time in front of a computer monitor may cause disorders such as eyestrain, teary eyes, irritation, redness, blurred vision, and double vision. Of course, if your eyes can’t function well there’s a great possibility that you can’t or will not read test instructions very well. This usually happens when you are researching a topic online, and instead of focusing on that particular topic, you tend to open another window for Facebook, open a small window for a movie clip, which divert your attention making your eyes move from one area of the screen to another.

3. Insomnia

Recently, a significant study showed that adolescents who watched three or more hours of television (or online TV) per day were at a greatly elevated risk for frequent sleep problems by early adulthood. It also cited that extreme exposure to the monitor suppressed the levels of melatonin, a hormone that is responsible in regulating cycles of sleep and waking. Reading a book whilst watching television, is a common habit among adolescents. I’m telling you, you can’t answer the examination items if you got a sleepy head.

4. Hearing Problems

It’s really nice to have your iPod or MP3 player on but listening to music through headphones can increase the risk of hearing loss. Also, listening to your favorite tracks while studying can alter your attention and thus results to missing some important points. An Australian initiated study showed that long periods of music listening can hinder memorization and internalization of subject matter; it decreases the motivation to study, and eventually can lead to slumber. You must understand that studying is all about focus – less distraction, more information.

5. Emotional Stress

This is the ultimate reason to study problems. You get stressed when you know that you’ll have an examination up front. You depend on your gadgets as a form of an escape. You feel better when you are surrounded by these technological toys. But what if these beloved items were removed from you, perhaps forcibly by your parents or significant others, due to their concern about your failing grades? You end up depressed, and may have withdrawal symptoms, or worse, suicidal tendencies. It may sound funny but it really do happen. So before it happen to you, it is beneficial that you manage your stress naturally, study quietly, without the aid or presence of gadgets.

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