I’m sorry, please FORGIVE ME…

Let’s face reality that there is no perfect relationship and perfect partner. At one point in our lives we will hurt the people we love, intentionally or unintentionally. Sometimes we will hurt them so bad that they would be willing to give us up even if it hurts. Sometimes we would hurt them so bad that they would fall out of love and hate us.

Forgiveness is one of the most important antidotes that will save a poisoned relationship. Only when we learn to forgive and forget like a reformatted hard disk can we have peace of mind. And only when we learn to trust our partner again without any doubt can we look forward to a promise of hope for our scarred relationships.

Remember, forgiveness and trust can bring hope and the love that is left in our hearts can nurture that hope to bring the promise of a new beginning for any relationship that has been crushed by infidelity, deceit, distrust and disrespect.

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