I Miss You

I Miss You

by Rudy Giovanni

I miss you.

Like the rain in the Persian wilderness,

where the water runs through its stillness.

And the dew that covers its loneliness,

the land that forgotten sadness.

I miss you.

Like the snow in Christmas season,

the snowflakes that fall without a reason.

The yuletide carols that teach us lesson,

in the birth celebration of God’s Son.

I miss you.

Like the sunlight behind the ominous cloud,

the sun that rules and serves so proud.

The morning yorks may sing so loud,

until it awakens the lady that I found.

I miss you.

Like the celestial moon and stars,

wandering inner peace and inside wars.

Mere ethereal dusts from Mars,

your beauty of Venus in spiral sonars.

I miss you.

Like the truest of all emotions,

all is moving in still motions.

This is the force I cannot understand,

is this you and love in my hand?

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