Human Sexuality

Perception on Human Sexuality

My perception on human sexuality: it is God given, sacred. Human sexuality as a whole means to me as what I am composed of, of my qualities and uniqueness to others.

Value to self as Man

I value myself for what I am, of what others look at me. Though I can’t control what others would say about me, it is still acceptable because of difference in culture and aspects. In general, I value myself as what has God given to me.

Stand on issues of

Premarital / Casual Sex

It is inevitable, young people nowadays practice such. It is morally incorrect, and is a mortal sin to God.


Prevalent on society, abortion is practiced by such perverts that don’t think of the consequence of it. Its their last choice, when the parents, or themselves resist the obligations or the shame that may arise if the pregnancy continued.


Because of peer pressure, or by the relationship partner, virginity is just a piece of gum that can just be popped out and thrown away. Such individuals don’t think the consequence, and the fact that when they do that and on the long run they were not meant for each other, they will just regret it and succumb to then fact that they’re not worthy of using the white gown in wedding, which is a symbol of purity. Though I experienced the first three issues above, with my previous partner, I can reflect that what have done in the past cant be undone, but I still have a future to mold. So I am, against those three issues.


On my point, it’s the nurture and the environment that can shape a person. And, with all these issues, the main cause is the upbringing. There is such imbalance or conflict in the family, that such person tend to be get stucked on one, or more issues as stated above as a means of expressing their point and emotions that normally they cant pour on the open.

Notion of Love

My notion on love, it’s a great thing to experience, no such word to describe it. It is very passionate, selfless, self-giving.

Sexuality reflected on my personhood

I reflect it as a great endowment given to me by God, and through previous experiences I now learnt to handle it, and to give respect on it.


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