How to upgrade your Huawei E226 dongle for free

Do you have an old Huawei E226 dongle you wish to update…?

Huawei dongles are pre-configured with certain Internet provider firmware and connection dashboard, and more often the settings they have forged may have something to do with the features that users are supposed to be using. Like here in the Philippines, a Huawei E226 dongle has a customized connection manager, and with bloated logos and advertisements, while delivering a very slow Internet connection. On GPRS mode, I can get 2 to 4 Kbps, and an intermittent 7 Kbps speed was a miracle.

I have decided to unlock the dongle instead. Now I could switch networks as I please, but cannot go on competing networks’ WCDMA signal (only the WCDMA of the original dongle carrier was allowed). Well that does not end it. I downloaded the manual installation of its connection manager (now I’m getting 10 to 50 Kbps) but I’m a natural complainer; I hate the manual installs (because the connection manager update was on a .zip file) and I have to do the routine whenever I used extra cable, changed ports etc..

After some reading on the net, I have found out that this little device can have a theoretical speed of 7.2 Mbps when upgraded. The case was, no such firmware update exist on the Philippine carriers website. After a while I thought of going to the Huawei official website. From there I found updates but it didn’t work for me. After the endless search, Eureka!

To cut the story short, I found the greatest firmware and dashboard perfect for my E226 – a “Vivo” version. It offered me a SIM Toolkit menu to access my SIM services, it has a clean dashboard, and the latest firmware release, not to mention the 300+ Kbps – 3Mbps speeds. You could skip the dongle unlocking process if you want to stick with your current provider: just download the firmware and the dashboard updates, and off you go. You will be needing the “unlock code” to continue with the update process (get the unlock code using the Universal Master Code), so keep them handy. After the successful update, you must remove and reinstall the dongle software for it to take effect. A little more note, USE AT YOU OWN RISK! 🙂


E226 Firmware
E226 Dashboard

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