How to tweak and optimize Ubuntu using Ubuntu Tweak

Want to get the most out of your Linux machine? Read on…

Ubuntu Tweak is a nice application to configure your desktop or laptop, and advanced system level options that regular installation does not provide. It is very well integrated with the Ubuntu Gnome desktop, and always update to be in compatibility with the latest Debian Ubuntu Linux distribution.

Some of the features of Ubuntu Tweak are divided as:


* Application Center
* Package Cleaner
* Source Center
* Source Editor
* Update Manager


* Login Settings
* Session Control


* Compiz Settings
* Desktop Icon Settings
* Desktop Recovery
* GNOME Settings
* Window Manager Settings


* Default Folder Locations
* Manage Scripts
* Manage Templates
* Shortcut Commands


* Computer Details
* File Type Manager
* Nautilus Settings
* Power Manager Settings
* Security Related

I had once had an error with Ubuntu 10.10 Maverick Meerkat, about using the Update Manager. Then I have searched for a solution in Google, and found about the Ubuntu Tweak. It had fixed my problem about the repositories and broken packages, and I have also had updated my system to the latest release. Having Ubuntu Tweak is like having Synaptic Package Manager, Update Manager and Ubuntu Software Center rolled into one.

The latest version of Ubuntu Tweak as of writing is 0.5.10.

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