How to troubleshoot an internet connection

Living a day without Internet connection proves stressful. If you’re a work from home individual, you are losing potential income whenever your line is down. Asking technicians to come over your place takes a week or so – a rather huge loss! Learn how to troubleshoot your Internet connection and save your time calling the technical support.

Before calling tech support…

* Check to make sure all of your cables are plugged in. Check for breaks or tears.
* Call technical support and see if there’s an outage in your area.
* Look at the modem to see if it is still working. There should be three indicator lights on there with a solid green light. If any of those are blinking or they’re not lit, then you know something is wrong with your Internet connection. Unplug the power and leave it for a couple of minutes then plug it back in.
* Reboot your computer. Sometimes the computer will start to behave erroneously after a few hours of operation.
* Call the technician if all else fails. Do nothing to the set until the technician arrives.

Points to consider

* Double check all of your connections and cables before calling for support.
* Sometimes technical support will try and help you fix the problem over the phone.

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