How to speed up Ubuntu using a cgroup patch script

If you’re an average Linux user just like me, or a power user, you’ll definitely search the web about how to speed up your Linux system. Sometimes you’ll get along easy tutorials, and sometimes you’ll end up with those several lines of coding and you’re horrified to use it. There is this thing as the “200 lines of code” tweak, which might get your system bugged if you don’t do the instructions properly. Well i have found a simpler workaround on this by using just a little set of console command script.

Linus Torvalds, the Linux kernel developer was quoted after trying this script:

“…It’s an improvement for things like smooth scrolling around, but what I found more interesting was how it seems to really make web pages load a lot faster. Maybe it shouldn’t have been surprising, but I always associated that with network performance. But there’s clearly enough of a CPU load when loading a new web page that if you have a load average of 50+ at the same time, you will be starved for CPU in the loading process, and probably won’t get all the http requests out quickly enough.

So I think this is firmly one of those “real improvement” patches. Good job. Group scheduling goes from “useful for some specific server loads” to “that’s a killer feature”.” – Linus.

The original 200 lines of code was compiled and fine tuned by Webup8, a Linux system tweaking site into a script called cgroup patch.

Open your Linux console and type the following commands:

chmod +x cgroup_patch
sudo ./cgroup_patch

Restart your machine to enable the system tweaks. I hope you’ll get the same benefit that I got using this patch!

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