How to slipstream Windows 7 with SP1, the complete guide

Slipstreaming will take your non-service pack Windows 7 installation disc and allow you to burn a new disc with SP1 merged. No more extensive Windows Update after a Windows 7 installation.


1. Download the Windows 7 Service Pack 1 file.

* windows6.1-KB976932-X64.exe for 64-bit
* windows6.1-KB976932-X86.exe for 32-bit

2. Download and install Windows Automated Installation Kit. You will need to burn a disc with this file, then run the WAIK installer from the disc. (This step only required if you are performing these steps on a non-Windows 7 system)

3. Download and install RT Seven Lite. Download the version with slipstreaming support.

4. Run RT Seven Lite.

5. On the Home tab, Click Browse and and select Choose OS path.

6. Place your Windows 7 disc (or ISO image on the harddisk). The software will prompt you to copy the files to a location on your hard drive. In this example, I used C:Win7. RT Seven Lite copied my entire Windows 7 installation disc to C:Win7GRMCPRXFREO_EN_DVD.

7. When prompted, select the version of Windows 7 you’ll be working with (Basic/Professional/Ultimate/etc). Check the Slipstream Service Pack box, then click OK.

8. Click the Browse button and select the EXE file you downloaded in step 1. Click Start and the service pack files will be merged with the installation files. This may take a long time. For me it took 30 minutes.

9. Once its finished integrating, click Proceed.

10. Click the Tasks tab on the left. Check the ISO Bootable box.

11. Click the ISO Bootable tab at the bottom-left. This will present a screen to burn a CD. Place a blank DVD in your drive and set Mode to Direct Burn, select a Burn speed, then click Direct Burn.

12. After the burn process, click Finish to exit the software. Wait patiently as it cleans up files and closes.

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