How to repair the Windows Boot Loader using the Windows 7 Repair Disc

Just a while ago I installed Ubuntu Netbook Edition on my laptop alongside the Microsoft Windows 7 OS. I decided to remove the Linux OS after a few minutes, but sadly I remembered that I installed it using the Live CD instead of the Wubi Application Installer (which has the uninstall option).

My laptop’s boot loader was changed with Grub (the Linux boot loader) so I’ve selected Windows 7 OS on the list to boot. Inside Windows I deleted the Linux partition created on the hard disk through the Disk Manager. After claiming the unpartitioned space, I rebooted the computer – and now presented with “no boot loader” screen. Luckily I have a Windows 7 Repair Disc. I used it to restore the boot code and made Windows run again.

So here’s the step in case you encounter the same:

1. Boot from the Windows Repair Disc CD.
2. Start the command prompt (cmd).
3. Type either of this on the terminal:

bootsect /nt60 SYS /mbr

– or –

bootrec /fixmbr

– or –

bootrec /fixboot

Close the window and restart the computer. A quick fix!

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