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How to reinstall the Grub boot loader after installing Windows

I recently made a dual-boot configuration on my laptop, but its not the usual Windows-first, Linux-second setup but the reverse. Well, cut story short, the Windows boot manager messed up the Grub loader, so I’m having the Windows-only option at start up.

While its true there’s a load of tutorials off the net, most of them didn’t help me. I already tried EasyBCD, but it didn’t solve the problem. I was about to give up and reformat my laptop, until I crossed a site called Super Grub Disk.

The fix

1. Download Super Grub2 Disk installer and burn it into a CD. Boot and wait for the menu to appear.

2. Select “Detect any OS” > “Single user mode“.

3. On the recovery menu, click “Update Grub boot loader“. Please wait while your system is being scanned.

4. Select “Drop to root shell prompt“. After logging in, perform a drive scan as we will need to locate the correct partition to save the Grub boot code and the mount point:

sudo fdisk -l

it will then list you the drive(s) and partition(s) on your computer. Mine was


3. With these data, we can now proceed to the actual re-installation of the Grub boot code:

sudo grub-install /dev/sdb

Just remember to replace /dev/sdb with your actual drive and partition. Reboot to see the changes.

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