How to register in SUN CELLULAR Call and Text services

Here is the list of various Call and Text services of Sun Cellular.

Call and Text for 1 day

CTU 25

Call and Text for 5 days

CTU 100

Call and Text for 7 days

CTU 150

Call and Text for 1 month

CTU 450

Text unlimited for 1 day / Winner Text 10


Text unlimited for 2 days

TU 20

Text unlimited for 1 week

TU 50

Text unlimited for 1month

TU 150

Unlimited Mix 25


Unlimited Mix 100

UMIX 100

Flexi Rate


… send to access code 247.

Budget text PHP5


Call and Text Combo 10

CTC 10

Call and Text Combo 20

CTC 20

Call and Text Combo 30

CTC 30

Daylite Call and Text unlimited

DCTU 100

Sulit Calls


…send to access code 223.

Unlimited mobile internet browsing for 1 day


…send to access code 272.

Note: You could also try dialing *230# and choose the promo service you wanted to avail.

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