How to recover from a virus or malware infection

Even how hard we take precautions to not getting malicious codes running on our system, time will come that our computers will get an infection – maybe from a new type of flash drive trojan, a facebook spyware, or a tricky email worm. Most of the time these nasty bits of code are very hard to remove especially if they have controlled the system, any use of antivirus products will be futile as the disinfection-reinfection will just work in loop. On most cases, formatting and installing a fresh copy will be the option. But for those who want to try some saving, they can opt out using preinstalled environment (PE) antivirus solutions in fixing the computer.

A good example would be the Kasperky Antivirus Rescue 10 system. It is a Linux based antivirus using the latest Kaspersky Antivirus engine and updated antivirus definition files. Its sole purpose is to scan, disinfect and restore the infected operating system. It is the alternative course of action to do, unless you really want to do the formatting and reinstallation.

You can download the updated Kaspersky Antivirus Rescue 10 here.

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