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How to protect my source code from hackers?

… This is one of the common question being searched online.

We tend to be overprotective with our created scripts.

But most of the time we fell prey upon hackers that not only inject our site with malicious codes to reveal our most confidential data, but also sneak past the gate and grab our source codes. Lucky for us, there are PHP scripts encoders to the rescue.

But mind you, PHP encoders have drawbacks. You have to buy it, and most cracked versions would simply not work and it will only give you some trial versions of encoded files.

But need not to despair, I have a solution for all of you. I use two free PHP source code encoder and it just rocks. Though it does not provide extensive protection, and advanced hackers could still extract your source code eventually 🙁

Anyways, these are the encoders I use on simple scripts: Byterun Online PHP Encoder and Raizlabs PHP Obfuscator. These two encoders are very straightforward so you would be protecting your codes in no time. Give it a try now.

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