How to fix “Test Mode Build” after Microsoft Windows 7 SP1 Upgrade

Are you like the other people in the hurry about the latest patches and updates of Microsoft Windows 7, packed into Windows 7 Build 7601 SP1.1? Chances are, you’ll get a “Test Mode Build 7600” or “Test Mode Build 7601” on the bottom right of your screen.

Yeah, you have activated and your license is genuine (or not)… But what the heck this watermark is on your desktop now?

Shaon Shan, a Microsoft Contingent Staff and Moderator, said that this may be caused if test-sign mode is started. He proposed that by disabling the test-signing, the watermark may be removed.

How to disable test-signing of Microsoft Windows 7 SP1.1?

On the command prompt (with administrator privileges), type the following:


You have to restart the computer for any change to take effect.

To enable test-signing again, run the command:


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