How to fix missing “New text document” in Windows

Did you experience missing “New > Text document” when you right click to create a blank text file? You can fix it using a simple registry code.

How to fix the missing “New > Text document”?

1. Open wordpad or notepad.
2. Save the following code:

Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00
"Content Type"="text/plain"
@="notepad.exe %1"

3. Click “Save as” > Save as type “Text documents” or “All files”. On the file name box, enter any file name with .reg as the ending extension.
4. Now, click the created document. Click “Yes” to continue.
5. Refresh your desktop or log-off/restart.
6. You will now see the “New > Text document” when you right click.

Or try to download the registry file.

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