How to escape a deadline, online

Cheating of course is a bad thing to do, but there are times that we had to. Say, you have a research paper to submit and you haven’t started it at all, or whatever. Surely your strict Professor would just take his or her revenge on your grades :s

To get around of this, you can instead send your Professor a corrupt or “trashed” file. Only then you can blame your unknowing Professor about his or her internet connection, or a malicious entity lurking on his computer that have wreaked havoc on your valued file submission.

To accomplish this feat you will need to create a file and put random files on it, or just to ease yourself you can use a program called “File Destructor“. It is an online service that generates an unreadable file which you can then submit to the email or ftp. Of course your Professor would see the file, but later when he opened it, its corrupted so you can just make a flimsy excuse for that :d then you can ask an extension so you could work again with the file and submit the real thing.

This is a very bad excuse for anyone, but at least it can save you from deadlines. Make sure the one you are cheating with is not adept with computers, though. Surely you’ll have to pay the consequences of it :p

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