How to cook rice, the easiest way

How can one cook rice easily? In the past, and even presently on rural areas, cooking rice is being done using clay pot or a metal pot on firewood or charcoal. In the modern world, cooking rice becomes easy by the use of electric rice cooker.

Using a rice cooker is an effective and simple way to cook rice. Most of the rice cookers in the market keeps the rice warm automatically after its cooked. And there is no need to watch the rice as the appliance has an automatic timer and sensors that detects if the rice is fully cooked. I will show you the way how to cook rice on a rice cooker so you can say goodbye to burnt rice on the manual way of cooking.

Steps on cooking rice:

1. Measure the rice you are expecting to cook using a cup (most rice cooker have a cup included) and put it into the aluminum pot of the rice cooker.

2. Wash the rice with clean tap water. Some rice products have special procedures on the preparation so its essential to read the packaging too (some rice are enriched with water soluble vitamins and can be rinsed off by excessive washing). However, it is safer and more hygienic to wash it to remove any pesticide or contaminants present. Remove excess water after.

3. Measure the water to be used. You add the same proportion of water by using the measuring cup used earlier, and if you prefer it to be moist, add another half cup of water.

4. Add a little salt or butter if desired. You can also add Pandan leaves to give it a sweet smell and add a sweet flavor to the rice.

5. Wipe dry the pot to avoid any short or breakage to the electrical system of the rice cooker. Place it inside and cover it. Now plug the cooker in, and press the switch on. You will hear a “click” when the rice is done. You can also leave it awhile so it is warmed by the cooker while it is not yet to be served.

Trivia: Brown organic rice is healthier and has more vitamins than white rice.

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