How to convert a FAT/FAT32 filesystem into NTFS using the command prompt

Using the NT file system has several benefits. For example, you can store larger files, use the latest disk with capacities higher than 1Tb, and efficient and secure storage.

How to convert a hard drive or flash drive from FAT/FAT32 to NTFS format?


The drive would be the disk you want to convert, example a USB flash drive. Most computer systems are already NTFS-compliant, so only the additional hard disks or Flash disks would be the option to convert.


* After you convert a partition or drive to NTFS, you cannot revert it. If you want to use the FAT file system again, you will need to reformat the partition or drive.

* Some version of operating systems would not recognize NTFS drives. It is not recommended to convert if the you intend to use the drive on other systems other than yours.

* You should always back up data before making any changes.

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