How to contact a Technical Support Representative through phone

There would be times that you need to contact a Technical Support Representative in case you got some hardware or software issues.  And sad thing is you don’t have the right contact number. Well, we searched the web and look what we got – their phone numbers.

U.S customers:

Adobe (800)642-3623
AOL (877)525-5018
Apple (800)275-2773
Cisco (800)553-2447
Dell (800)624-9896


D-Link (877)453-5465
Earthlink / Genuity (866)794-4371
Emachines (408)273-0888
Gateway (800)369-1409
Go Daddy (480)505-8877
HP / Compaq (800)474-6836
Linksys (800)326-7114
Mcafee (800)338-8754
Microsoft Office (866)452-4755
Microsoft Windows (866)234-6020
Netgear (888)638-4327
Network Solutions (866)391-4357
Norton / Symantec (800)927-3991
Playstation 3 (800)345-7669
Speakeasy (206)902-5350
Sony (888)476-6972
Trend Micro (800)864-6027
Trueswitch (800)737-3430
Xbox (800)4MY-XBOX

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