How to add and remove application launcher, folder and files in Docky

You have Docky dock application on your Linux desktop. But what to do next? How to add or remove items? Its very easy, read below.

To add an item:

Method 1

Simply drag an item or icon onto Docky. You have to position it well on the dock – i.e. the existing icons will give a space for the dragged item. Then let go the mouse button.

Method 2

You can start the application and as normal it would reside on the dock because the dock itself serves as the task bar for running programs. To add an opened application, just right click on it and select “Pin to Dock” selection.

Removing an item

Select and drag the item or icon outside the dock area and release the mouse. The selected item will then vanish with a poof of smoke.

Note: The item was not deleted on your disk. Only the “quick launch” item was removed from the dock application. To fully remove a program, you must use the Ubuntu Software Collection program and uninstall it there.

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