How did I met my foxy lady?

foxy lady

I was riding a bus to work when I saw this lady in the front seat. She’s Jimi Hendrix’s foxy lady! She is very attractive and I will do everything to make her mine. I mean almost anything! (lol) But I have to think and behave as a law abiding citizen. It would be very funny and disgusting at the same time if I will be imprisoned for sexual harassment. I really want to kiss her! (lol) I’m no maniac (defensive state) so I subdue my libido and alter my attention into something productive like writing a poem to her, as follows;

480 words
Of love and despair
Your face, your lips, you hair
Nothing to compare

480 words
Of beauty and fire
Your laugh sounds like lyre
Ethereal is my desire

480 words
Of distinct attraction
Like another potion
Of your lovely motion

I wrote this on a piece of paper with my name and phone number and slip it to her bag like a street snatcher. I felt a sudden relief as the bus stopped and I ran very fast to the office because I’m half-hour late already. I get my self ready for another boring day of work.

By 12 noon, I received a chat message that we will have a team meeting at 3 PM with regard to the task this week and a new supervisor.

As usual, I’m late at the team meeting and the lady that led the discussion is our new supervisor – Ms. Rachel Florida. Yes, the same lady I idolize in the bus this morning. How embarrassing! I will not go to work tomorrow!

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