How can you reach them, before drugs do?

Most people don’t know that drugs could kill them. Youth today, in particular, are exposed earlier than ever to drugs. It is therefore important to reach young people before they start on drugs.

Education plays a vital role in preventing drug abuse. With Foundation for a Drug-Free World, its possible. They offer materials for real-life drug education and provides tools that debunk common myths and empower the youth to resist peer pressure to use drugs.

The tools

– DVD: Creating a Drug-free world. Introduction to the Foundation and global drug prevention efforts.

– Education booklets – comprises of the Truth about drugs education kit:
* The truth about Drugs
* The truth about Drugs Guide
* The truth about Marijuana
* The truth about Alcohol
* The truth about Ecstasy
* The truth about Cocaine
* The truth about Crack Cocaine
* The truth about Crystal Meth
* The truth about Inhalants
* The truth about Heroin
* The truth about LSD
* The truth about Prescription drug abuse
* The truth about Painkillers
* The truth about Ritalin abuse

If you are an educator, you can also order a free the Truth about Drugs education package, an easy to implement educators guide with lesson plans, a DVD documentary and 16 public service announcements, booklets and posters, all the materials you’ll ever need to reach kids before drugs do.

Visit their website at Foundation for a Drug-Free World

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