Health alert: excessive WiFi use can cause sterility in men

A new study shown that laptop computers using WiFi may be damaging to human sperm, published last week in the journalFertility and Sterility.

In an experiment, the Argentinian researchers put samples of healthy human sperm near a laptop downloading a content from the internet. After four hours, a quarter of the sample stopped moving, compared to 14% of control sample placed away from the computer. Adding to this, 9% of the sperm near the computer had undergone a significant DNA alteration, about three times than the sperm in the controlled sample.

Although not conclusive, the researchers pointed that the culprit was the EMR (electromagnetic radiation). Researchers recommend using the desk when operating a laptop computer. The use of laptop pad does not prove any benefit, as urologist Dr. Yefim Sheynkin of the University of New York had noted that these appliance can only give the user about 20 minutes before the testicles heat up to sperm-killing temperatures.

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