Grabagold an alleged scam site?

Some people that played Grabagold are now in search for unlimited coins cheat, or grabagold cheat codes to win free gadgets and cellphone load – but it turns out that we’re on an alleged loop of conspiracy.

I personally tried Grabagold last week, I saw an ad about it so I decided to play. I got 20 load on first spin, and got an unlocked prize on my second spin. The third was no go – and by the way, there’s only a one-time 3 free spins for a registered number. You will have an option to subscribe to their games which costs 15 pesos for 5 days. That’s pretty cool, I decided to opt-in as the first day is free.

I used the free 3 spins, and on my 3rd spin I tried to cheat Grabagold. Luckily, I was awarded 5,000 gold points. I was very happy, but turned to frustration as I was spinning and spinning but with no luck with the prizes. Always the locked prize, or I get 30 additional gold points.

Then I noticed that sometimes even if its already spinning, the locked icon is static – and surprisingly that locked icon will be the one to be shown again on the result of the spin. I tried and tried until I had only 1 spin left. I spun 3 times on a separate window, and whew I won 1,000 Globe e-load but I was not able to receive it as I had “insufficient” gold points in that particular spin.

I thought it was really a game of luck, but I discovered a blog site with almost the same situation!!! He won initially 20 Globe e-load, won 5,000 gold points somewhere in the game play, and Nada!

Do you have the same experience with Grabagold? I hope this allegations by others that its a scam are not real. Im still looking forward to win a gadget 😛

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