Got myself two Irish SIMs!

Just got my O2 Irish SIMs.

In my previous article, free sim from o2 Ireland, i decided to get myself a hold of this freebie SIM card. Although its advertised for use with the Irish populace only, well I just pushed my luck button he-he. So they in fact send me not one, but two SIM packs. The other SIM pack had an address of “Dublin 1”, an Irish district, though it was ruled out with a ballpoint pen. I also got an apology email from o2 stating that they are sorry for the delayed SIM delivery due to the said mailing address error. I don’t know why did they allowed non Ireland address in the first place. Or maybe, in the light of things, they want to allow non-Ireland people to use it so that the public may know how great to be in their network. And it just proves that o2 is committed to its subscribers in delivering quality and affordable mobile services, wherever and whenever.

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