Got a refreshing bath with patola

This is not an ordinary bath time, as I used patola. Usually I take a bath and that’s it. If I’m not that busy, I scrub my body all over using a small towel or with a net scrub. Though how hard I scrub, it can’t seem to cleanse and remove dirt thoroughly.

Last Thursday I found a patola, or sponge gourd hanging outside the fence. My mom told me that shes drying it so she can get the seed for planting. Then I remembered about the loofah thing so I asked her that I’ll use it as loofah once the seeds are removed. I took a bath this morning and used it for scrubbing. I was amazed how efficient it removed the dirt and oil on my skin (I had a rather oily skin lol). Its refreshing and until now I don’t perspire excessively with an “oily” feeling. Wish I had used this earlier :p

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